3 Key Factors Affect Successful Conveyor Belt Installation

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Why manufacturers in different industries paid a lot to build the conveying production lines? The answer is obvious, the conveyor belts can help them manage production better, improve productivity, and cut costs. But these benefits are based on the premise that the conveying system installs correctly and runs well.

This article will focus on the belt itself and explain three common faults in conveyor belt installation and provide you the relative solutions. With our guidance, you can achieve the goal of building cost-saving conveying production lines.

Problem 1: Unsuitable length of conveyor belt

Whether it is a new belt installation or an old belt replacement, if there is a lack of careful calculation and planning before installation, it is easy to cause the belt length is not suitable for long-term operation.

When the conveyor belt extends over the needed length, will lead the hammer counterweight hits the ground, causing the start to slip. Sometimes, it is uneasy to find the problems caused by slight length deviation in the test run. But the fact that the configuration position was low will unveil itself after two or three months of operation. At that time, the counterweight will droop and hit the ground when starting. It is the result of failing to take the plastic deformation and elastic deformation of the conveyor belts into consideration during the installation process.

The conveyor belt should not be too short in installation yet, or it also will cause malfunctions. And a certain margin should be left for future maintenance. After a period of operation, there are possible problems with the joints. If the conveyor belt has insufficient margin to make a joint, a new belt requires to be reinstalled. In such cases, the enterprise will suffer extra losses on time and money. These are something we don’t want to see in production.

The ideal conveyor belt situation is that we should consider the expansion rate of the belt will change with the temperature in summer and winter. And the length of the conveyor belt is moderate and reserves a joint margin.

Problem 2: Bad quality of the joints 

The supervision of the glue joint of the conveyor belt is a vital part of the conveyor belt’s installation process. The joint quality is reflected by the practical operation. Because the quality of joints directly affects whether the conveyor can operate normally. 

Moreover, belt-breaking accidents caused by the problem of vulcanized joints occur from time to time, not only delaying production but also causing personal injury. 

If we fail to enforce live supervision during the gluing process, it is difficult to find the problem only by the completion acceptance. Therefore, it is vital to strictly control the vulcanized joint to ensure its quality during the installation.

Problem 3: No test run adjustment

If lack of a test run process, the newly installed conveyor belt is prone to partial wear and tear. To avoid any defects that happen in long-term conveying production, special attention to the adjustment of the funnel seasoning plate, skirt plate, baffle plate, and other parts is highly required. By doing so, you can extremely lower the occurrence of conveyor belt malfunctions, such as mistracking, material jams, etc.

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring of the running process of the conveyor belt to prevent excessive wear of the conveyor belt caused by the jamming of large materials.


As you’ve been reading through the above, you may have found these problems are not difficult to solve at the installation stage. Once it is neglected, it may cause some extra loss. The correct installation of the conveyor belt will save your troubles in operation and daily maintenance, and expand the service life of the conveyor belt. 

However, this also relies on the expertise of installation technicians. Here, Bsbeltfactory takes pride to introduce itself as your reliable conveyor belt expert that operates three conveyor belt factories in China, gathering a group of professional technicians and 17 years of experience in conveyor belt manufacturing and solutions. Contact us today to get a quick reply within 24 hours on any issues with conveyor belts.


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