Things to Know about Conveyor Belt Manufacturing

Introduction The production process of the conveyor belt is a delicate and complex process involving many links and steps. The precise execution of each link plays a vital role in the quality and performance of the final conveyor belt. In order to better understand the production process of the conveyor belt, we must first understand […]

Conveyor Belts in Mining Industry

Introduction Mining conveyor belts are specialized types of conveyor belts that find application in the mining industry for transporting various mining products such as ore, coal, and slag. These conveyor belts are engineered to be highly durable, resistant to wear and corrosion, and ensure the safe and efficient transportation of materials from mining sites to […]

How to Properly Store Conveyor Belt_ 5 Pratical Tips

Introduction In order to ensure the continued performance and longevity of conveyor belts, it is common practice for companies to remove idle or empty belts from the production line and store them in a designated warehouse. Additionally, it is advisable for companies to maintain a stock of backup belts to mitigate the risk of unplanned […]

V Belt VS Timing Belt

Introduction V-belts and timing belts represent two common drive belt types, but they have different characteristics in terms of power transmission and application. In this article by Bsbeltfactory, we will explain their major differences of Timing belts versus V belts to offer you a complete guide. By the way, we want to introduce the concept […]

How to Check Conveyor Belt Tension

Intro Proper conveyor belt tension is crucial to ensuring the efficiency and safety of the conveying system. In this article by Bsbeltfactory, we will explain how conveyor tension affects conveyor belt performance and conveyor belt tension adjustment. How Conveyor Tension Affects The tensioning device plays a crucial role in belt conveyors by adjusting tension to […]

Everything You Need to Know about Anti-static Conveyor Belt

As you must know static electricity is ubiquitous, especially in dry environments, where electrostatic induction often occurs. We may feel uncomfortable in our daily life, but you may not know how static electricity affects industries, especially the conveying production lines. In this article by Bsbeltfactory, we will introduce the danger and damage that static electricity […]

Types and Tips of Conveyor Belt Splices

Intro As you may know, a belt splice, which joins the two ends of the conveyor belt, has been the weakest part of a conveyor belt, comprising only up to 90% of the belt’s total strength.  And the data also shows that improper splicing is accountable for almost 80% of conveyor belt failures. This highlights […]

15 Tips for Conveyor Belt Tracking and Belt Tracking Adjustment

Conveyor Belt Tracking How to track a conveyor belt has always been a key issue in running a conveying system, Bsbelt, a reliable belt expert, spares no effort to frame a belt tracking 101 guide for you. Whether you want to learn some practical skills of tracking a belt or guide your customers in how […]

9 Conveyor Belts Types and 5 Types of Conveyor Belt Materials

Conveyor belts play an important role in material handling jobs because they can continuously move the materials to meet the needs for product manufacturing or to handle a large volume of material, such as luggage transportation in the airport.  Responding to the various conveying needs in different sectors, there are many different types of conveyor […]

How to Extend Conveyor Belt’s Lifespan

Extend your conveyor belts’ lifespan to cut costs The importance of budget control is self-evident for all types of businesses, and it is also the major reason that conveyor belt lines have been widely introduced to various industries. And Bsbeltfactory can help your intention of cutting costs go further if you learn to extend the […]

4 Tips for Conveyor Belts Preventative Maintenance

Generally, we all know the importance of preventative maintenance for industrial production and there is no exception for conveyor belts.  Taking preventative maintenance can not only reduce the chance of unplanned downtime resulting from conveying malfunction in the manufacturing process but also protect the equipment from damage, which in return can extend the service life […]