PVC and PU Conveyor Belt Wholesale and Custom

Bsbelt supplies high-performance conveyor belts for sale with different textures and types at lower prices.

PVC and PU Conveyor Belt Wholesale and Custom

Bsbelt supplies high-performance conveyor belts for sale with different textures and types at lower prices, including PVC conveyor belts, PU Conveyor Belt, PU Timing Belt, V Conveyor Belt, Flat Conveyor Belt, Round Conveyor Belt, Transmission Belt, Light Duty Conveyor Belt, Industrial Conveyor Belt and Accessories.

Functions For Particular Applications

For your particular application needs, Bsbelt can not only offer various choices of colors but also meet your needs for functions such as anti-static, oil-resistant, cold-resistant, wear-resistant, acid and alkali-resistant, UV-resistant, and more.

Our Tests to Ensure Quality

We utilize a variety of durability and performance tests to ensure that each conveyor belt is in the use condition of safe, long life, high precise, and meet your highest expectation.

Size inspections

Each roll of conveyor belt will be inspected to ensure the tolerance of width and thickness within ±0.5mm.

Tension test

We subject our belts to tension tests to ensure they can keep undeformable in long-term operations.

Hardness tests

Repeated tests have been conducted to ensure our belts can fulfill the conveying of tough products like marble, metal parts, etc.

Temperature Test

We subject our belts to temperature tests between -20 ℃ and 90 ℃ to ensure they can perform well in intense heat or cold.

Details That Ensure Excellent Performance

At Bsbelt, we take every detail into consideration to ensure our conveyor belts can deliver excellent performance to boost your business.

Scientific Structure

Four plies fabrics and four PVC carrying the skeleton form a scientific structure, with 0.3mm wear-resistant green polymer PVC adhesive coated at the bottom, and  6mm red cut-resistant rubber mixing polymer glue at the surface.

High precise

We strictly control the tolerance of width and thickness within ±0.5mm and allow no tolerance for the joint so our clients can easily connect the belts together regardless of replacing an old one or equipping a new one.

Durable Patterns

Each inch of the surface pattern of the whole conveyor belt roll will be clean and concise without deficit. The dots in different shapes like crescents, fishbones,and more will remain standing after thousands of load-conveying tasks.

Our Advantages Raise Your Success

Your premier industrial conveyor belts manufacturer and custom factory in China, with the largest production capability, offer solutions to different industries in the past 17 years.

Competitive Price

Every order gets wholesale prices which are 15%-25% lower than our competitors for the same quality.

Reliable Quality

Using only superior materials ensure that our products are certified by FDA/CE/ROHS/REACH, reaching food-grade safety.

Unparalleled Services

Customization without limits to meet your needs and professional guidance on installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Fast Delivery

For purchases of in-stock conveyor belts, we can arrange shipment in 3 days; for customized orders, we can finish in 2 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many industrial conveyor belt manufacturers in China.You need to find an industrial conveyor belt manufacturer with special materials and process production qualifications, so as to ensure the quality of industrial conveyor belts.In addition to certificates, you should check the development, design and quality assurance of industrial conveyor belt manufacturers to ensure you find the best industrial conveyor belt to manufacture.

You have two options to visit the industrial conveyor belt factory.
Option 1:
You need to discuss your visit with the industrial belt manufacturer.
Industrial conveyor belt manufacturers will send you business invitations to plan and arrange for you to visit their factories.
Option 2:
Plan and visit the amusement park factory by yourself.
You need to arrange invitations, passports, flights, hotels and other things by yourself.

First, you should confirm your investment budget for your industrial conveyor belt project.

You need to purchase industrial conveyor belts that meet industrial production requirements and fit their budget.

If you don’t know how to choose an industrial conveyor belt, you can provide the most suitable industrial conveyor belt for manufacturing according to your requirements.

Yes, you can customize the individual needs of your industrial conveyor belt, such as material, pattern and specific process.

A professional industrial conveyor belt manufacturer will support your requirements.

Compared with PU conveyor belts, PVC conveyor belts have better resistance to acid and alkali. So PVC conveyor belts are frequently seen in the production and transportation of some chemical raw materials.

But when it comes to oil resistance, PU conveyor belts have stronger oil resistance than PVC conveyor belts.

Among the two types of conveyor belts, the hardness of PU is 92 Shore hardness, while that of PVC is normally around 80-86 degrees.

Obviously, the answer is yes! At Bsbelt, a leading conveyor belt manufacturer, we have in-stock conveyor belt rolls of 9 colors, including transparent, green, white, black, gray, red, beige, petrol, blue, and orange and there is no limit to choosing from these colors for wholesale orders. But if you require other colors which outrange our options, there is a minimum requirement on the order.

Due to the variety of types and specifications of conveyor belts, the price of conveyor belts will also vary. Normally, the price of a conveyor belt is determined by its model specifications which include thickness, color, and size.

And the price rule can be applied to all light conveyor belts manufactured at our conveyor belt factory, including PVC conveyor belts, PU conveyor belts, timing conveyor belts, etc.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a conveyor belt, but the top of all is what material you want to transport. This will determine whether your belt needs anti-static, wear resistance, smash resistance, high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and other requirements.

Secondly, it comes to the choice of thickness, length, and width as well as color.

As its biggest benefit, the conveyor belts can help you build a whole conveying system to realize continuous transportation which will improve productivity and cut the cost. Meanwhile, it also provides operational flexibility for all types of workshops by offering a free choice of belt size to support your production line which is determined according to the product needs and space of your workshop.

The colors are not designed for the purpose of good looking but to help users to monitor the conveying system effortlessly. Choosing a belt of a high contrastive color to your product will enable you easily discover unusual performances in transportation such as cracks on the belt, and sundries in the products. Bsbeltfactory provides 9 color choices of conveyor belts to cover almost needs.

The materials used most widely in conveyor belts manufacturing are PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride), PU(Polyurethane), PE(Polyolefine), and Si(Silica gel), each of which boasts different features to support the specific needs of different industries and working environments.

Of course, you can! At Bsbeltfactory, we not only allow you to choose unrestrictedly upon structures, sizes, and surface patterns from our catalog to build your desired conveyor belts but also can design a totally new type of conveyor belt to meet the transportation need for special products or working environment.

The suitable working temperature of PVC belts is between -10℃ to 80℃. Once it is below -10℃, the PVC conveyor belt will lose its softness to keep smooth running, when it is over 80℃, the PVC conveyor belt’s surface is prone to break to shorten lifespan.

1. The surface of the high-quality PVC conveyor belt looks smooth and clear, without air bubbles and scratches.

2. When pressing with fingers, the PVC coating of the belts won’t deform and will recover quickly when the pressure disappeared.

3. The fabric core and coating of the PVC belt need to distribute evenly.

Though PU belt is the first choice for food processing line, PVC conveyor belts are relatively cost-efficient and are always used in the transportation of food packages to control the budget in the food industry.

The PVC conveyor belts should be stored at a suitable temperature between 18℃ and 40℃ while keeping the humidity of 50% to 80%. And the PVC belt in storage should be kept in rolls and turned over regularly by season.