Our conveyor belt for the food processing industry uses good quality high strength polyester fabric at the core and imported PU material on the surface, which is anti-stick, antibacterial, resistant to oil, acid, alkali, low temperature, and mold.

Bsbelt food conveyor belt meets the hygienic standard for food contact approval globally and is non-toxic and odor-free.




Hydrolysis resistance

Oil and fat resistance

Cutting resistance

Easy to clean

  • Bakery and Confectionery

    In the snack food processing industry, Every company that wants to deliver customers crispy biscuits, chocolates, and candy in better condition & shape with less breakage & dregs, precise weight, and good package. Bsbelt is your reliable conveyor belt factory, offering knife edge belts, cooling belts, deposit belts, transfer belts, packing, weight checking, etc for the manufacturing process.


    Moreover, Our products support the processing of Hearth bread processing, Flatbread line, Bread and bun processing, Puff pastry dough processing, manufacturing, etc.

    Bakery and Confectionery
  • Meat & poultry

    Bsbelt conveyor belts are able to be cleaned easily with hot water due to their resistance to oil and fat. Special cover to enforce their incision resistance makes them suitable for the cutting and chopping process in the meat industry.

    Meat & poultry
  • Fish and seafood

    Bsbelt conveyor belts can maintain good performance in temperatures between -20 ℃ and 90 ℃, suitable for both fresh and frozen fish and seafood production processes.


    Besides food contact approval, we put the highest emphasis on anti-slip and corrosion-resistance characteristics to stand the test of seawater and sea salt contained in these products.

    Fish and seafood
  • Fruit & vegetable

    Bsbelt conveyor belts ensure stable and quick transportation of fruit and vegetables, especially fruits and vegetables in round shapes, like oranges, and onions, and avoid damage during processing due to their superior lateral stability.


    Besides that, their resistance to fruit acids guarantees longer service lives —— equipped with guides, cleats, and sidewalls, they are suitable for inclined conveying, which can save your working space.

    Fruit & vegetable

    Recommend Patterns for Food Conveyor Belts

    Rough top
    Longitudinal rib
    Wavy super grip
    Round stud
    Small golf

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