Your Reliable Conveyor Belt Manufacturer in China

BSBELT is a professional conveyor belt manufacturer and supplier based in China, offering superior conveyor belts and conveying solutions to meet your complex belting needs and bring the fast growth to your business. 

Your benefits include, but are not limited to:

Various Industries We Served

Choosing an appropriate conveyor belt for your business is a sometimes challenging task because a lot of factors have to be considered. So choosing Bsbelt, a reliable conveyor belt manufacturer, to be your partner will save you time and money to get optimum solutions for your business, as we are professional and of rich conveying experience in various industries, we know well the special needs of different applications from thousands of cases.

No-limit on Conveyor Belt Customization

Using the most advanced technology, and materials of the highest quality, our conveyor belt factory quickly responds to the needs and requirements of our customers. May it be the application for food processing, manufacturing industry, or transportation, Bsbelt has just the right conveyor belt for you, customized just for your needs. We will help you double your output and realize vigorous development.

Options of Size &Layer

Please feel free to choose the layers and sizes of belt your need, from length to width and thickness.

Surface Patterns

Over 30 surface patterns to meet the transportation of material in different sizes, shapes, and weights.

Various Colors

No matter you want to choose the color for industry need or to enhance brand image, Bsbelt will make it a reality.

Special Functions

Want to enforce some characteristics of your belt, So it can better serve your production line? Our outstanding R&D team will meet your needs.

Scale-Manufacturing at Bsbelt Conveyor Belt Factory

A well-known conveyor belt manufacturer in China, with the largest productivity, insists the quality-drieven mass production to ensure stable quality and on-time delivery.

Our Quality Is Your Trump

To help our customers gain competitiveness in local markets with superior conveyor belts, we apply higher quality standards at every stage of manufacturing. Starting from raw materials to finished product inspections, every single detail counts. Our superb conveyor belts are testified by practical performance and international certificates.

We Offer Not Only Belts, But Also Solutions

Here are our successful cases of conveyor belt solutions for global clients in various industries. As a conveyor belt manufacturer with 17 years’ experience, we handle thousands of projects. Get inspired by their stories, you can achieve your own business success with our support.