PU Timing Belt

Our PU Timing belts boast superior wear and abrasion resistance as they are manufactured in thermoplastic polyurethane, and the steel cords at the core offer them high strength and stable performance, suitable for synchronous conveying systems. BSBELT is a reliable conveyor belt manufacturer, offering a full collection of timing belts which are available with all different types of cords, coatings, or cams.



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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many industrial conveyor belt manufacturers in China.You need to find an industrial conveyor belt manufacturer with special materials and process production qualifications, so as to ensure the quality of industrial conveyor belts.In addition to certificates, you should check the development, design and quality assurance of industrial conveyor belt manufacturers to ensure you find the best industrial conveyor belt to manufacture.

You have two options to visit the industrial conveyor belt factory.
Option 1:
You need to discuss your visit with the industrial belt manufacturer.
Industrial conveyor belt manufacturers will send you business invitations to plan and arrange for you to visit their factories.
Option 2:
Plan and visit the amusement park factory by yourself.
You need to arrange invitations, passports, flights, hotels and other things by yourself.

First, you should confirm your investment budget for your industrial conveyor belt project.

You need to purchase industrial conveyor belts that meet industrial production requirements and fit their budget.

If you don’t know how to choose an industrial conveyor belt, you can provide the most suitable industrial conveyor belt for manufacturing according to your requirements.

Yes, you can customize the individual needs of your industrial conveyor belt, such as material, pattern and specific process.

A professional industrial conveyor belt manufacturer will support your requirements.

Obviously, the answer is yes! At Bsbelt, a leading conveyor belt manufacturer, we have in-stock conveyor belt rolls of 9 colors, including transparent, green, white, black, gray, red, beige, petrol, blue, and orange and there is no limit to choosing from these colors for wholesale orders. But if you require other colors which outrange our options, there is a minimum requirement on the order.

The colors are not designed for the purpose of good looking but to help users to monitor the conveying system effortlessly. Choosing a belt of a high contrastive color to your product will enable you easily discover unusual performances in transportation such as cracks on the belt, and sundries in the products. Bsbeltfactory provides 9 color choices of conveyor belts to cover almost needs.